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  1. Valid Idea

    We guide you through developing the right skills, proving the need and ensuring you have strong fundamentals before you move on.

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  2. Valued Product

    We help make sure you have promising metrics and that you are gaining customer traction, usually in the form of repeat transactions, and that you have an emerging team of key hires.

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  3. Valuable Business

    We show you how to demonstrate strong scalable economics built off the back of rapid growth. An empowered team should be helping the product to maintain its growth.

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You may be familiar with some of the thinking and writing in the Lean Startup. The Path Forward aims to take this lean thinking a bit further and so we have developed a Lean Startup methodology. This then will act as a series of guides for your startup.

Within the content section of the site you will find the startup guides split into three distinct sections covering your early stage journey. However, aside from the great content we also have a strong methodology - a framework if you will. This lean startup methodology has been created as a result of many years worth of experience working with lean startups in our capacity as venture capitalists. The methodology has been forged from the way we’ve experienced success within some of the businesses that we have backed from their very inception.

The methodology aims to focus the attention of entrepreneurs throughout their early days in business. Once the framework has been accepted, founders are then encouraged to use the many guides at each section to help teach them way to think about certain problems or, often, just how to do a common startup task. The startup guides are all written by highly successful and experienced operators in their chosen fields.