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Do you really need to hire?

Matt Buckland

Head of Talent @ Lyst

People often hire to fix problems, but hiring isn't always a magic bullet. Before you recruit, give some thought to why a problem exists.

The most important thing about hiring as a start-up is to set a high hiring bar. That's because hiring people who don't work out is a waste of time and money. Make sure you hire people that you want to spend time with. Even better, hire people who you can learn from. Even after hiring, continue to review and make sure you formalise the probation period in the employment contract.

Key takeaways

  • Hire slowly – take your time to get it right;
  • Monitor new hires and set a formal probation period.

Don't hire too quickly.

'Decide and do' is a great start-up mantra but when it comes to hiring, snap decisions are never the best decisions. Aim to review a few candidates for each role. However, don't hold out on progressing with a good candidate because you need a comparison. Finally – just to press this point home – remember to choose quality over quantity. Many mediocre employees don’t produce the same quality as one amazing employee.

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Matt Buckland

Head of Talent @ Lyst

Over fourteen years experience in the design and implementation of Human Resources and Recruitment strategies, from sourcing initiatives, recruitment process re-engineering, HRIS selection and implementation, Reward and Recognition, Performance Management and OKR implementation, usage of a metrics led approach and building teams of recruiters that drive up quality and drive down costs. I have successfully recruited for many areas - software development, trading, financial services and sales.

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