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10 Tips For Product Hunt Success

Thomas MacThomas

Marketer in Residence @ Forward Partners

Product Hunt is a great website for establishing a following of early adopters. It's an interesting way to assess whether you really do have passionate advocates, which is an important waypoint in the Valued Product step of The Path Forward.

Key takeaways

  1. Product Hunt can be used to gauge how much your product is resonating with an audience
  2. Product Hunt can also be an important way of getting early (free) traffic to your site
  3. Use these tips to maximise the amount of traffic you'll receive

Maximise Your Impact

Use the following tips to maximise your impact on Product Hunt. Ensuring you have taken all the steps below should give your product the best chance of winning over the Product Hunt audience and converting them into avid fans of your product. You should also get lots of valuable data if you put in place the correct analytics and tools listed below.

  1. Answer questions on the PH thread as soon as possible. Reply and upvote them for taking the time to give you feedback and look at your site.
  2. Send tweets to people who upvote you. They’re doing a huge favour to you, be thankful and they’ll remember you.
  3. Tell your followers and email list about your ProductHunt feature.
  4. Make sure you have Google Analytics in place.
  5. For websites: put introbar into place. It’s free to try and awesome to buy.
  6. For apps: if you don’t have a conversion target with your app, put hellobar into place. It’s also free.
  7. Benchmark your landing page against GoodUI
  8. Set up Google Analytics event tracking for the event sign up and install the custom report for full URL referrals using this link. This will allow you to give a valuation to your backlinks. You may have to customise it a bit.
  9. Make sure that when you share your page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter, that the share image appears properly.
  10. Never ask for upvotes, anywhere - you can share the url to the post, but let the users decide if they like what you’ve made

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Thomas MacThomas

Marketer in Residence @ Forward Partners

Tom is Head of Marketing at Forward Partners. He is an award winning growth marketer, having gained experience heading up the marketing function at high growth daily deals site Wowcher, online gaming firm William Hill Online and more recently the mobile app Bizzby. Tom helps our startups with marketing strategy and support, everything from PPC all the way through to TV.

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